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Entire Hemp Seeds

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The taste of hemp seeds recalls that of a hazelnut, which makes them not only nutritious, but very palatable. Try them roasted quickly in a pan as a snack or add them to all of your recipes. You will not only enrich the taste of your meal, you'll also nourish your body and help it in the prevention of heart and skin diseases. 

A seed is enclosed in an edible shell, rich in carbohydrates, contained in dietary edible but non-assimilable fibers, and chlorophyll, which determines the green colour of the hemp seeds oil. Hemp seeds contain about 75% of essential fatty acids, of which 15-20% is alpha-linolenicacid of the Omega 3 type, which is rarely present but very important for our nutrition. The seed protein also contains all essential amino acids, but foremost in their optimal amount and in an easily assimilated form.

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Gluten Free

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No food can be compared to hemp for nutritional value. A pound of hemp seed provides all proteins, essential fatty acids and fiber necessary for human life for 2 weeks.